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"We inspire individuals to enhance their lives and achieve their goals so they can enjoy complete health and wellness everyday."

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Life Coaching by Tracy Neely, MSW Denver, Colorado

Tracy Neely Life Coach Denver


Welcome to Tracy Neely Life Coaching, where we place emphasis on finding your “flow.” Flow is often referred to as being in the “zone,” when an individual becomes fully immersed in clarity of thought and focus, while completely enjoying (and excelling) at a chosen activity.   At Finding Your “Flow…” we believe that every individual has opportunities throughout each day that they can commit to finding their flow.  



Each of us has the choice of spending our discretionary time working to reach our goals and improving our lives, or remain passive and continue tolerating a less than optimal life.  We believe that by identifying a powerful, personal vision, we can help you succeed far beyond where you would be without one.  Our commitment is to use the strengths you naturally possess to harness your own emotional intelligence, while motivating you to reach your goals and find your “flow!”  


Career Path


What is keeping you from moving forward in your career? From practical issues such as how to organize your resume, to emotional issues such as unconscious beliefs or actions that sabotage your efforts, I provide the expertise and support you need to help you succeed.


Relationship Coaching


Relationships should be a source of love and joy in your life. Whether you are looking to navigate through challenging family matters, single, or in a relationship, I know any of these situations can present a unique set of challenges and I can help you create closer, more loving relationships with family and friends..


Academic Success Coaching


Academic Coaching is type of personal coaching that assists students with the planning and completion of academic goals. Like a coach of any sport, the goal of an academic coach is to help students perform to the best of their ability.



What is Life Coaching


Simply put, Life Coaching is the process used to help move a person or persons from where they are to where they want to be.


Tracy Neely Life Coaching provides confidential life-coaching services to individual and groups seeking positive changes in their lives, and help in attaining a goal they've set for themselves. This is achieved by partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


During your sessions with a Life Coach, you will: