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Life Coaching by Tracy Neely, MSW Denver, Colorado

Clinical Social Worker/Life Coach


When life becomes confusing, frustrating and stressful, anxiety can build and decision-making is often compromised. The "train" can quickly slide off the tracks. If you are searching for a professional to help you go from simply maintaining, to flourishing, you have come to the right place!


The single most important contribution we can make towards elevating one's life functioning is to help people identify their strengths and natural talents. Working from a position of strength can set you on a path where your existing talents are best suited, and promote complete health and wellness.


I am committed to a strengths-based approached and being a part of the catalyst that empowers you to achieve your goals and strike a healthy balance in your life. I want to spend less time focusing on problems or deficiencies, and more time helping you to identify your everyday competencies and gifts, and cultivate those!









The following packages are available for you to review, and decide which one best fits your needs.  Packages can also be customized, so please inquire.


Preliminary Coaching Package: $500.00

Our 4-week Preliminary Coaching Package is for individuals interested in experiencing how Life Coaching can enhance their motivation, while exploring the best options for their continuous coaching needs.



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Ninety Day Life Coaching Package $1,500.00

The 90-day package is designed for individuals with short to mid-range goals and objectives, which may require longer time for completion.  Weekly motivation, effort and accountability are a pivotal part of the 90-day package.  Follow up discussions will shed light on successes and challenges and offer support to ensure that goals and objectives are maximized.



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Six-Month Creativity Coaching Package $2750.00

The six-month Coaching Package is tailored towards individuals working on long-term goals and objectives.  Men and women seeking a longer term vision, support and accountability to help catapult them on their quest.



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Per session costs are $125.00, and depending on the breadth of an issue, more time may be needed to achieve desired results.  Clients are welcome to pay monthly.


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Achieving your goals will take commitment, dedication and accountability.  If you're truly ready to embrace this challenge, and begin your quest towards a more fulfilling life, I invite you to schedule a Free "Jump Start Your Journey" in the Next 90-Days initial consultation.

In this session, you can expect to:


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